2s: $50.00 registration fee and $40.00 monthly tuition
3s: $75.00 registration fee and $135.00 monthly tuition
4s: $85.00 registration fee and $150.00 monthly tuition


Snohomish Preschool

We offer a center based classroom environment that includes an art area, dramatic play center, a reading corner, a sensory center, a large motor development space and a fine motor area with games, puzzles, toys and more! 

WHAT classes





Meet our Preschool Class teacher Angie!  Outgoing, affectionate, friendly, and sincere are some of the personality traits you might notice when you first meet her.  She is inspired by color, art outside of the box, music, dance, nature, beauty, people who work as a group, and by others that live inspired.  She brings her traits and inspiration into the classroom in an effort to make learning fascinating, explorative, challenging, and cooperative!

Learning should be fun! Here at Snohomish Cooperative Preschool, we believe that children blossom by exploring freely in a safe and nurturing environment. Our preschool is where children and parents learn and have fun together.


Not affiliated with First Presbyterian Church of Snohomish 

Younger siblings are welcome. Space is limited.

​Sibling Fees
2s: $20.00 per month

3s: $30.00 per month

4s: $40.00 per month 

We offer a 2's class that meets on Thursdays from 9:30am - 11:00am.  A 3's class that meets from Monday - Wednesday from 9:15am - 11:15am and a Pre-K/4's class that meets from Monday - Thursday from 12:00pm - 2:30pm.

Snohomish Cooperative Preschool