Classes & Teachers

2’s Class: Wed & Fri, 9:30-11am ($75/month)

3’s Class: Mon, Tues & Thurs, 9:15-11:15am ($130/month)

Pre-K Class: Mon-Thurs, 12-2:30pm ($150/month)


picture of teacher RicciTeacher Ricci, 2’s Class & Pre-K

Ricci has been an educator since 1995.  She has a BA in Mathematics Education from Seattle Pacific University and is certified in Elementary Education.  She fell in love with preschool education as a co-op parent and has been teaching 3-5 year olds for the past five years.

Ricci believes that children learn through play and gears the classroom around this philosophy.  She likes to set up open-ended challenges on a regular basis and let the children take the lesson where they want it to go.  New topics are explored as children show curiosity and excitement.

Ricci has been married to her husband, Eliacin, for 17 years.  She has a full house with four kids: her nephew (17) and three of her own (14, 10, 8).  She learned to speak Spanish while living five years in Puerto Rico, but has enjoyed being back in the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised.


picture of teacher CarrieTeacher Carrie, 3’s Class

Carrie is a former Snohomish Cooperative Preschool parent with extensive experience working with preschool and elementary-aged children as a teacher, coach and classroom volunteer.  She draws upon these experiences to cultivate an engaging and nurturing environment for her preschoolers.  Carrie has a B.S. in Family and Human Development and is currently working on her Masters in Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction.

Carrie believes that being a child should be fun!  She strives to foster a love of learning that will grow with a child throughout their life.  Her vision of preschool is an environment where every child is safe to explore their world through play and creativity, while growing incrementally toward Kindergarten readiness.

Carrie and her husband Greg have been married for 16 years and adore raising their three school-aged children in Snohomish.  Outside of the classroom, Carrie enjoys volunteering at her children’s school and camping with her family.