Member Responsibilities

Along with our amazing teachers and the guidance of Edmonds Community College, co-op parents run our preschool! While working together, we create a fun and stimulating learning environment for our children. We create friendships that help sustain and support us through the trials of parenting preschoolers. Join our community!

Member Responsibilities

  • Work in the classroom once a week as a teacher assistant. Arrive on time and actively participate in the classroom on your assigned weekly workday. In the event of illness or vacation, the member will find a qualified substitute. Members rotate weekly through all of the stations (art, gross-motor, blocks, literacy, etc.). Members actively engage with the students at their station. All stations have an attached cleaning duty such as cleaning up after the art project, vacuuming the classroom, sanitizing the bathrooms, etc. Some of the cleaning duties have to be completed after class.
  • Attend monthly member meetings. Meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month, September through April, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The first half of a member meeting is spent discussing SCP business, the second half is the parent education portion lead by our EDCC parent educators. These meetings are mandatory and children may not be present (lap infants are welcome).
  • Hold a supplemental member job. Member jobs generally require 15-20 hours of commitment. Examples of member jobs include: field trip coordinator, school maintenance team, preschool board position, laundry team, class photographer, events committee, etc.
  • Participate in two weekend deep-cleans during the year. Each deep-clean is approximately 2.5 hours and involves cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms and classroom.
  • Check email daily for SCP correspondence.
  • Pay monthly tuition and fees on time. 

“It’s amazing that the decision of where to send our kids to preschool had such a profound impact on my life and the direction it’s taking. But it did. It might take a village to raise a child but I had spent the better part of three years wondering where the heck my village was. I found it in Snohomish, in a basement classroom. I found it in the women who continuously supported and lifted each other up and allowed themselves to also be lifted.” – Kara K., May 2018, SCP Parent