Along with our amazing teachers and the guidance of Edmonds Community College, co-op parents run our preschool! While working together, we create a fun and stimulating learning environment for our children. We create friendships that help sustain and support us through the trials of parenting preschoolers. Join our community!

Member Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and actively participate in the classroom on your assigned weekly workday. In the event of illness or vacation, member will find a qualified substitute.
  • Attend mandatory member meetings, generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month, for the school year from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the school. The first half of a member meeting is spent discussing SCP business, the second half is the parent education portion lead by our EDCC parent educators. These meetings are not optional and children may not be present.
  • Hold a supplemental member job, which generally requires 15 hours of commitment. Some jobs require more time and/or commitment. The time may be spread out during the year or all done within a few weeks depending on the job assignment.
  • Participate in two weekend deep-cleanings during the year.
  • Check email account daily for SCP correspondence.
  • Provide a nutritious snack for the children on a rotating schedule (3’s & Pre-K classes only).
  • Take home and launder dirty cleaning rags approximately once a quarter per laundry schedule.
  • Pay monthly tuition and fees on time.  
  • Become familiar with all of the classroom safety procedures and membership policies- watch the OPEP Risk Management Safety Video.