Tuition & Fees

For the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Registration fee:
    • $70 due at the time of enrollment
    • This fee is non-refundable
    • Note: For families joining after Jan 1st, the registration fee is reduced to $35
  • Tuition (September-May):
    • 2’s class: $75/month, $675/year
    • 3’s class: $130/month, $1,170/year
    • Pre-K class: $150/month, $1,350/year
    • Note: 25% discount for 2nd enrolled child, discount taken off the lower tuition rate
  • Sibling Fee:
    • 2’s class: $20/month
    • 3’s class: $30/month
    • Pre-K class: $40/month
    • Note: Sibling attendance is limited to maintain high adult to child ratios. Only enrolled, younger siblings may attend class on their parent’s workday. Sibling fees begin at nine months of age.
  • Other Costs & Fees:
    • Late tuition and returned check fees will apply.
    • About one field trip per year is included with tuition, other field trips may cost extra.
    • Families will be charged a $150 fine for not completing the deep clean obligation.

Financial assistance may be available. For more information, please contact our treasurer at